Crater 365 is a suite of solutions that brings
Collaboration into Process Automation and Enterprise
Content Management Solution (ECMS). Crater 365 comprises
of three plans, which covers Organizations scope of work.



This includes content management, co-authoring, document approval, cloud storage, document scanning and so much more. It helps to create an organizational infrastructure while ensuring that documents are kept secure. Employees can collaborate on the same documents without the risk of losing data.


Below are the components of the EDMS and description of its features


Metadata: Metadata is data information that contains information about other data. The EDMS extracts metadata from documents automatically or prompt the user to add metadata. This extracted text can be stored as a component of metadata, stored with the document, or separately from the document as a source for searching document collections. GBB client staff can add, remove, rename, and edit metadata fields without any input from the vendor (this ability would be limited to specific roles).

Integration: The EDMS integrates with other apps so that users retrieve existing documents directly from the EDMS repository, make changes and save the changed document back to the repository as a new version without leaving the app. Workflow management and CMS tool are some examples to the tools that can be integrated with the ECMS. Integrates with network operating system environment and supports single sign on through Microsoft Azure AD Premium (Enterprise Mobility Suite). Also Secure mobile access to system through iOS and Android devices

Capturing: This involves accepting and processing images of paper documents from scanners or multifunction printers. Optical character recognition (OCR) software is often used, whether integrated into the hardware or as stand-alone software, in order to convert digital images into machine-readable text. Content capturing allow edits to be made to scanned documents, including, but not limited to: crop, rotate, reorder pages, and remove blank pages.
It is also compatible with bulk scanning technologies employed by professional scanning services, and supports scanning in black-and-white, grayscale and color.

Data Validation: These are rules to check for document failures, missing signatures, misspelled names, and other issues, recommending real-time correction options before importing data into the EDMS.

Indexing: The primary aim of content indexing is to support information query and retrieval.

Storage: These includes management of those documents, where they are stored, and migration of the documents from one storage media to another.

Retrieval: Retrieve electronic documents from the storage.

Distribution: For a document to be distributed it has to be in a format that cannot be altered easily. An original copy of a document is never used for distribution but an electronic link to the contents itself is more common.

Security: With content management solution, you have a rights management module that allows an administrator to give access to documents based on type to only certain people or groups of people. Permissions may be set by department, document type, and role. Permissions may also be set for individual documents or document sets.

Workflow: Some EDMS either have a built-in workflow module or can integrate with workflow management tools to automate business processes based on predefined rules.

Collaboration: EDMS allow documents to be retrieved and worked on by an authorized user. Access are blocked to other users while work is being performed on the document.
Collaboration within document management systems means that the various markups by each individual user during the collaboration session are recorded, allowing document history to be monitored, and also allowing multiple users to view and modify (or markup) documents at the same time.

Versioning: This process allows users to retrieve previous versions of documents and to continue work from a selected point. It is useful for documents that change over time and require updating.

Searching: Documents and folders are searched using various attributes and document content.

Federated Search: Extend search capabilities to draw results from multiple sources, or from multiple EDMS within an enterprise.

Hard Copy Reproduction: Within a EDMS, document/image reproduction is often necessary with its supported output devices and reproduction capabilities.

Publishing: This involves of proofreading, peer or public reviewing, authorizing, printing and approving etc.



This is an Internal Process Automation and Control System that converts manual processes to convenient and very easy to adapt automated processes. This enables employees to fulfill their daily tasks, enable department- and team-specific activities, thus contributing to better staff performance. Crater365 combines collaboration and automation while ensuring the integrity and security of contents.

Benefits of Crater 365 Process Automation & Control

Increased productivity and efficiency

With the help of our workflow automation, various departments are able to stay connected, collaborate easily and communicate faster. It also makes it easier to identify areas that need improvement to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Error-free results, always

Crater 365 for Process Automation & Control helps to complete tasks in a most efficient manner while streamlining business processes to produce consistent and accurate results. Organizations should consider this plan due to the repetitive tasks to implement using spreadsheets, email or even papers.

Saves time and money

Since workflow automation process is about creating new business designs by using technologies, automating and other critical processes which in turns saves time by completing the job with accuracy. Implementing this solution at Organizations enable the organization operate more efficiently, save time and money while increasing profitability.

Predict progress of your business processes

Crater 365 for Process Automation & Control solution come with custom reports displaying list of tasks and analytical charts to help managers to monitor the status, spot the bottlenecks and opportunities of process development. It’s no doubts, by automating your business processes, Organizations can streamline their operations, increase their efficiency, cut down on the manual tasks and reduce errors.

Transform you work experience with digital workflows. A system that delivers a next generation employee experience and unlock enterprise wide productivity. Make customers delight with proactive service from issue to resolution. Crater offers your team a system that eliminates manual work processes by converting manual processes to convenient, very easy to adapt automated processes.



This plan consists of the Corporate Intranet Design and Customization. A collaboration system that brings people, corporate-wide activities to make the staff feel a part of a strong community to foster corporate values and work process of an organization under one corporate social umbrella.
Some of its features include:

Crater 365 Corporate Intranet Features








Collaborate with team members on tasks, work on a task collectively or individually to achieve maximum productivity, share suggestions, ideas, have seamless interactions across units / departments, stay up to date on work progress with analytics reports.

An intranet customization and design that reinforces your brand and its values, improves internal communication, document management with up to date storing, simplifies employee on boarding, provides organizational clarity.



Promotes The Flow Of Information

Adopting this plan helps to develop seamless communication between employees, which is one of the most important factors for all modern businesses. The search capability and file ranking features is also an additional component on the intranet that helps you get quick access to what you are looking for.


Increased Productivity with Collaborative Tools

The collaborative tools connect people with the information they need which could be in the form of Information, lists, and additional data to help them receive, create and organize their documentation.


Promotes Employee Engagement

This is one of the important benefits of using our Intranet solution. It helps employees to view all aspects of the organization processes thereby developing complete trust and communication among the employees.


Reduces Complexity

Crater 365 provides a flexible and multi-functional structure for information and collaboration that is customizable and accessible to meet the needs of your organization.



Due to the ‘lightness’ of our solution, the processes of faxing, searching for information for long periods of time, manually handling documents, forms has been removed.


Free time

The more time you spend walking to the fax machine, printer, and filing cabinets, the less efficient you are on your role, and this undermines from your value to your organization. So relying on our plan 3 solution helps to overcome these inefficiencies.



The built-in web portal of a document management system also gives users the ability to share very large sets of files securely via their mobile phones.


Peace of mind

With recurring 24-hour data backup, secure Amazon Web servers, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and data storage with multiple artificial and physical points of presence are only just a few of the peace of mind facilitating features to eliminate security breaches, information leaks, and other data catastrophes.


Using the right balance between On-Site and Off-site work to deliver the project and the solution is another important key success factor as:

  • On-site work will contribute to the right understanding of requirements and to appropriation of the solution by users,
  • Off-site work will allow access to highly specialized EDMS solution support and will contribute to reduce project


Like any other IT system implementation, scope creep or improper control is a major risk of Organizations Client ECMS Project.

  • By requirement,
  • By module of proposed software
  • By interface
  • By Organizations ICT Department


Appropriate testing methodology and corresponding procedures will drive the quality of the solution and are a major factor in the level of issues met at Go-live time. To achieve this, we would periodically carry out a pilot test of all intended features within the scope of this project, also target users of this EDMS would be required to interact with the design system to get a direct UX (User experience) of the UI (User Interface) and all other features.


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