Health care industry

In the health care industry, keeping of files and records is very essential and one thing that cannot be avoided. There is plenty of paper involved when interacting with patients, keeping records of medical supplies, and other files and documentations.
Not only do you have older records and information from other care providers, but there are also receipts, confidential agreements, payments, invoices, prescriptions and so much more, it is important for the health care industry to adopt electronic management of these documents and transform this manual process of essential record keeping to a digitalized automated process.

This is where we come in; Crater365 solution provides an excellent Electronic Document Management System, you have a better backup and disaster recovery, enhanced security, improved regulatory compliance, manages the storage, publishing, organizing, indexing and easier retrieval of documents.
Crater365 makes it easy to convert existing documents to a digital format, sort and file everything related to each patient and department in categories. We can also set rules to limit who can see which record. Inventory keeping, giving the team a procedure to follow to best monitor supplies coming in and going out of storage.

We custom design an intranet for you and automate your entire process to suit your system.

  • – Some of the company’s we have worked with;
    – NHIS; we deployed and designed a cooperate intranet including message collaboration, Automation of their work processes and created an Electronic Document Management System.






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