Improvement in customer experiences

Automation technologies will touch on many different roles within the bank, and employees will need to learn new ways of working. Financial institutions should target deploying of automation technologies to deliver the next wave of productivity, cost savings, and improvement in customer experiences. Having Core Banking and other sector related solutions to handle automation of business processes from the institution to its clients is just one step, there is a gap and neglect of automating the internal process of these institutions.

IPI Solution is unlocking new opportunities though Crater365 solution. An intranet solution that solves and closes the gap in internal process automation of financial industries. Industry push to eliminating the use of excess paper work, manual approval of documents and request process, reducing the risk of errors and moving of important documents from one place to the other should be the target. Information security is vital in a document management system, in addition, to avoid mistakes or unauthorized editing, approved documents require distribution in formats that are not easy to modify. Crater365 provides an excellent solution that eliminates errors from work process promotes collaboration, automates your internal work process and ensures approvals move in the right channel without delays.

Crater365 offers significant benefits in terms of risk, revenues, and client experience. In addition, delivering faster processing speeds and reducing incidences of human error, its automation processes produces a complete audit trail aligned with compliance, enhanced data-processing accuracy, cost savings and an increase in employee productivity.






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